Kairos of North Carolina

Kairos Inside @ Avery Mitchell

Attend a Kairos Closing Service...witness a new beginning!

The Closing Service at a Kairos event is a special time.  The Participants who have lived the 3 ½ days are blessed when we fill the Chapel to welcome them into the Kairos Christian community of Christ's love! Many people are needed to help fill the Chapel at Closing. Please consider attending the Closing as an act of Agape love. You will be blessed as much as the participants are blessed.

The closing ceremony for Avery Mitchell Kairos No. 5 will be 2:00 pm Friday May 24, 2019 at Avery Mitchell Correctional in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Please arrive at the prison gate house no later than 1:30 pm on the 24th.

Additional Information:

  • Ladies dress very modestly (avoid low cut blouses and short skirts) and attend without jewelry. Remember that you have to pass through the metal detector so try to wear undergarments without wire support, if possible.
  • Bring only car keys and driver’s license into the prison. Leave money, coins, phones, knives, clippers, billfolds, purses, notebooks, tobacco, medications, drugs, and everything else in the car. Of course no weapons.
  • Shorts, flipflops, tee shirts with logos are to be avoided. Dress is generally business casual and appropriate for a worshipful time.
  • The facility is highly focused on providing a safe and secure place for visitors and for participants. It is the Superintendents House so we have to honor the Superintendents rules.